A few weeks ago Jonny played at Humphrey’s by the Bay in San Diego, one of my favorite venues.  It’s right on the harbor and you can watch the show from some of the hotel room balconies.  I always have the kids asleep before the shows start and Renn had yet to see daddy play besides sound check.  So we all huddled on the side of the stage so she could see her first concert with all the lights and action:)  So glad we caught some of it on film:)  It’s from an iphone so the quality is horrible but still so sweet.

Renn watches daddy:

Jonny introduces Renn to the audience:)


While I was pregnant and not posting I took some of the greatest videos of the kids.  My very favorite was a day in Sept 2012 when the kids asked me to record them singing Christina Perri’s song Jar Of Hearts.  I’ve never used imovie but figured I needed to put together some of the ‘outtakes’.  They couldn’t get through one run without getting into a fight!  So I split them up to sing alone and the other would interrupt.  I was laughing so hard I ruined a few takes.  We never did get one right.  Here is a sampling of the day!!  I’m sure Christina Perri never imagined 4 year olds would be fighting over her song!!  In the second to last clip around 3:00..I kept filming as they argued because…well…it was funny!  I know when they are older they will crack up!!  The very last clip is from 2011, Raimy is 3 it’s ridiculously cute!!



Hello!  Wow, so much has happened since I’ve really ‘written’ anything!  There are a million times during everyday where I am laughing hysterically and thinking…”Man, I gotta blog about this crap!”…only to return home, feed the army, wipe some butts, read a few thousand books, sing 43 songs, rock a baby harder than Otis Redding, only to find that when they are finally asleep I have forgotten what I was going to blog about while I’m throwing everything that was peed on that day into the washer.  (Oh, thank goodness my fav English teacher Mr Steve Campbell isn’t here to witness my horrid run on sentences.  He would need an entire pen full of red ink for each post!!)

So my thought today is to start posting on some of the times over the last year that I’ve been MIA:)  So please excuse the out of order posts for a bit:)

—We went to Citywalk this week at Universal Studios and while passing the indoor skydiving place Raimy begs as he always does for us to let him “fly like Superman!”.  Yes I’m horrible and have kept him from this dream since he was 2.  Come on you know you wouldn’t let your 2 year old in there!  So I’ve done what every good mother would do in this situation…I lied!  “They don’t let kids do it until they are 5”.  Holy guac did 5 come around fast!  “I’m 5!!!!  I can go in!!!!!”  *Tip 373- remember the lies you tell your children.  I need to keep a file of the ages I promise they can do things and meticulously file them in an accordion folder to keep in my purse.  Filed under U for Universal, C for Citywalk, S for skydiving and D for danger would be a paper saying “SKIP CITYWALK”.  Man my D file would be thick….need larger purse….

So yes I caved.  Auntie Ashley took him in for training and my bitty came out all suited up like the cutest thing I’ve ever seen!!!

He got a total of 4 flying minutes and of course had a crowd as his tiny body whipped around over the giant propeller.  “You realize this will only make him want to do the real thing”  Jonny said with a smirk.

I laughed so hard, I had tears at my big boy, holding form with all his might, with the facial expression of a hero on his way to save a runaway train.  I can only imagine what his brain was thinking!!!