The Beginning

Hello No One, Hopefully soon to be someone who might be interested (other than my mom and sister),

So it’s 1am and I will be awoken at 6:30am by my 8 month old.  I should be sleeping.  Yet I find myself jumping online to start a blog.

“For what?” you might ask.
“For what?” I ask myself.
Oh we already have something in common…friend.

So my name is Haylie and I’m about to celebrate my 10th Anniversary to an amazing hubby.  I have 3 year old twins and like I said before, an 8 month old.  I live in Los Angeles and am 31.

I’m obsessed with products having to do with babies, kids and green living.  Since I roll around lugging a crap load of kids, random people find it compelling to ask me advice on all things baby and mommy:)  I guess the triple stroller gives me street cred.  It’s amazing how fast just being moms can join two strangers!  It’s not uncommon for the convo to jump to vaginal info in less than one minute flat!!  No joke!!  And you know what?  I love it.  You jump past all the crap to the real stuff at lightening speed.  “Hi, I’m dyin here, lucky to be dressed, didn’t brush my hair, my hungry kids are screaming, I wish more than anything I could curl up and sleep for a week straight…how about you?”  Your two warriors, suddenly and if only for a few minutes standing together, united, in the battle.

I love giving advice.  Yes my oldest is not even 4 but dag nabbit I work hard and love sharing my findings.

So here’s the deal….  I need a place to complain about brands I’ve had problems with and praise the ones who have lasted through my kids, the inevitable stories of “the funniest thing my kid did”, and some other random crap.

Hope you can forgive my horrible grammar, run on sentences and my opinions.  But you did just click on TheRantingHousewife so I guess you should expect that!!!!

Please comment if you read.  Let me know if you want me to write about anything in particular.

Alrighty…. For real now….Starting…..



Here I am rehearsing a sweet medley I put together for my mom on her wedding day.  Witness the humble beginnings of the “Night of Rap” superstar.  haha


At my house we sit in front of the computer and improv ridiculous songs.  Jonathan is on the keyboard and I’ve got Ashley J (my sis) and Robert R helping with the vocals:)  
This hit is entitled “Boo, Hoo…I’m Skinny”