I recently ate a lobster tail.  My fav.  So decadent!  Yet, it was take out- and in a styrofoam box.  Hahaha, somehow NOT the same experience.

Which brought me to a funny comparison….  
Presentations really are everything- We can be an amazing lobster with drawn butter on the inside but if we are packaged in a nondescript styrofoam beauty, we lose our luster and no one will know our true potential…


I was talking with my sister the other night about a girls closet.  You know how we all have a bunch of hottie patottie shoes gathering dust on the shelves.  Maybe it’s just my closet, but I have all these really great shoes.  (My feet have not grown since I was 9 and I have basically saved every pair since then, so I have quite the collection.).  But ask anyone I know…I wear Uggs or moccasins everyday of my life.

As with the china that I’ve been saving for a special occasion, I’m bringing out the loud shoes and dressy clothes.  Heck, I’m throwin the diamond and gold plated bras and panties into the mix too (PS- I’m kidding…)!  My mom always says… wear matching pretty bras and panties, cause you never know if they’ll need to cut off your clothes in front of a crowd, if you ever get in an accident (Like I’d care in the moment)…(Actually I DID care in the moment….another story…remind me to tell you the ‘perfect chicken story’).

So, I did it….

I rocked a hottie outfit and shoes and scandalous underwear and went to CVS!  It really is amazing how it changes your whole attitude.  Why has this stuff been sitting sad and untouched in my closet.  Had I known that you don’t need an excuse to dress up or how good it makes you feel, I would have done this earlier!

Not to be a downer….but, back to my friend who passed away with all the clothes (if you need to refresh your memory:)  When we were packing up her stuff, we found that the majority of her clothes still had tags attached!  Many of the shoes had never been worn!!  Why do we pay the most money for the things we wear the least.  I’m switchin it up folks.  The more mundane the event- the swankier the flippin outfit!

And while I’m at it, I’m throwing some of my ‘styrofoam box’ clothes away.  If they are there I will wear them!  I’m worth more than my styrofoam uniform I inherited when the kids popped out.

New lavish day y’all…New lavish day.