So when I was 3 months pregnant with Miss Lilou Jaymes, Jonny and I did another “Haylie and The Husband Night of Rap, Plus some Random Crap” at Molly Malones.  It was a blast!  With the help of some of my besties, Stephan Hovsepian, Dennis Dodd Jr and J Bird:)  When I get nervous I become a truck driver, so pardon the inappropriate verbal barf….

Sometimes When We Touch

 Riding Dirty

Apple Bottom Jeans
DJ Got Us Falling In Love


In case you’ve been living under a rock I am a rap star….  international fame y’all.
What!!??  You haven’t heard???!!!  I’m flabbergasted!

Well, few months back did a “Night of Rap” at Molly Malone’s.  Did my rendition of a few rap songs.  I’ll post the first few tonight:)  Don’t be too blown away now!

thanks Tom Harris, computer extraordinaire, for helping me get these up…

thanks to Jonathan Noble for his amazing piano skills
thanks to my lil sis, Ashley Johnson for your gorgeous singing!  
Wish we could hear you a little better