So when I was 3 months pregnant with Miss Lilou Jaymes, Jonny and I did another “Haylie and The Husband Night of Rap, Plus some Random Crap” at Molly Malones.  It was a blast!  With the help of some of my besties, Stephan Hovsepian, Dennis Dodd Jr and J Bird:)  When I get nervous I become a truck driver, so pardon the inappropriate verbal barf….

Sometimes When We Touch

 Riding Dirty

Apple Bottom Jeans
DJ Got Us Falling In Love

5 Replies to “#135”

  1. Hi Haylie!
    I wrote you on fb but not sure if it's going into your inbox or the "other" folder. Hope you can find the message 🙂 We met a long time ago on a cruise and I just wanted to say hi!

  2. Hello from Quebec city! Had a lot of fun watching your videos and reading your posts. Baby-girl actually fell asleep during "apple bottom jeans" (good thing we speak French…) so thank you for your sweet voice and the extra half-hour of me-time!!!!!! Will be waiting to read your following posts patiently 🙂

    Sharon, mom of 2 USUALLY well-behaved kids.

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