Few things:

1.  We have been out with Jon on tour and the kids are in Heaven!  They have gotten to see tons of family and friends and are loving life.  I was a little nervous how tidbit would do on the road but it’s going insanely well!  Here’s bus baby enjoying the scenery as we were driving through Illinois today:  
2.  If you’re the trashed woman who just knocked on my door telling me you were supposed to wait for Jonny on the bus… sorry I told you that it wasn’t Jon’s bus but a traveling family circus on our way to perform at a Bar mitzvah and that this was Rockford’s “bus parking” street.  I never thought you’d actually believe me!  And although I’m sure the kids and I would have been very entertained with the convo once you were inside, sadly it was their bedtime and I needed to put them to sleep.  I hope you made it back across the street safely.  My genius tip to woman:  spike heels and liquor should never be mixed, I recommend a nice wedge for stability.    

3.  I want this house!  Sure, it’s in Vegas and I am not a fan of 300 degree summers but this would remedy that!  Plus, if a bomb hits… we’d be good to go.  Who’s in?     
4.  Making a giant list and would love some recommendations:)  I’m listing by state, cool places to take the kids when we pull in somewhere and have time to explore.  We love fun places, historical spots, educational adventures etc.  What are your states must sees, favorites or hidden gems?

Happy Friday:)  Have an amazing weekend!

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  1. First off, bus baby – the cutest. She looks so much like you that it's insane! Need to meet her ASAP!

    Secondly, drunk lady – your story was brilliant. I'm not sure how you come up with these amazing things on the fly like you do. You SO need to write a book, TV series or movie. You'd make a friggin' killing! You've always had THE BEST stories!

    Thirdly, I'm SO in for the bomb shelter house. I DIG the pink bathroom!

    I can't be of much help with the cool places. I'd say that the Cadillac Graveyard might be a cool stop, or not. Graceland, although I think you took the twins there a while back didn't ya? DC will be amazing. Lots of history there. You're pretty innovative so all you'll need is Google and an iPad and you're golden!

    Call me when you get home. I miss your guts!



  2. Lovely family, cutest kids. When in Arizona: Desert Botanical Gardens, Musical Instrument Museum (Desert Ridge), and Butterfly Wonderland (near Talking Stick where Jon is playing in Oct. Looking forward to the show, front row. Stay safe, Camille

  3. If you'll still be on the family bus in early November when Jon plays Kalamazoo, Michigan, there's a cool museum with a real mummy & other great stuff. And the Nature Center is a must…I guarantee the whole family will enjoy it. ("Kazoo" is my home town but I now live on the west coast so won't be banging on the bus door.) 😉

  4. Oh my is she the cutest little traveler ever. She looks straight out of the golden moments kids books from our childhoods. You should have called me as you passed through Illinois, I would have set you up Paula Deen home cooking style while the kids played and we wandered through the garden. Joking aside, have a blast on the road with the wee ones. I love road tripping as a family in our motorhome, makes for brilliant memories but its a requirement to watch RV with Robin Williams right? Congrats on newest baby and the joy of c-section healing.

  5. Shantel ‏@76cheeky 14h
    @TheRantingWife if you have time here, I suggest a visit to Anderson Japanese Gardens. It's amazing.
    Madison, WI

  6. Not sure if you will be in Cleveland with Jonny this week but a few suggestions would be Rock Hall, Aquarium, Lolly the Trolly tour, Science Museum, Memphis Kiddie Park-but not sure if it still open this time of year, Children's Museum, Botanical Gardens, Cleveland Zoo, Bay Village Nature Center, Westside Market…..just to name a few. Cleveland is truly a great city. Hope you enjoy it. Sadly, I am unable to attend Jonny's concert, and it is……"Breakin Me".

  7. Hi Haylie!

    1. Four kids on the road? AMAZING. But with your sense of humor you could handle double the kids and another couple of husbands…though I don't recommend either!

    2. Maybe the lady of the night was just checking to see if you needed help with the laundry. It sounds like her heels weren't high enough to help with the cooking.

    3. I'll meet you at that Steampunk place, the Fisher-Price 70's place is cool but looks like it might be lacking AIR.

    4. Chelsea Market and the Highline if you get to NYC. CM was the original Nabisco Factory converted to specialty food shops, yummm… The Highline is an elevated park, formerly a train line and the tracks are still there. They're right next to each other so it's convenient too.

    Happy to see you're getting a chance to blog!

    Beautiful family!



  8. I know you posted this a while ago but if you are ever in Columbus, Ohio you need to take the kids to COSI (center of science and industry). This place is one of the best science museums on this continent. We also have America's best zoo. Or if you're in the downtown area and it's nice out you should check out the Scioto Mile. It's a really nice walking area with a play fountain by the river (near COSI).

    Happy travels!


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