At bedtime tonight instead of me reading a book, I was told an amazing story.  The story of where babies come from….from my 3 year olds…..(this is the new obsession and there is a new explanation every night.  This by far is my favorite).  Imagine super excited 3 year olds each trading off a sentence and getting more and more excited:)

Thought I’d share because apparently everything I’ve believed up until now is wrong…

—–Adults go to the marrying place and the lady wears a white net and then they go on stage and kiss.  After that, the man walks out of the back of the marrying place and has to walk down a VEEERRYY big hill.  At the bottom he has to jump across a HUGE water.  He then has to climb the mountain on the other side of the water and look for a special huge plant.  He digs by it and digs and digs until he finds a teeny tiny seed.  But it has to be the most specialist seed thats hiding for only this man.  There are a lot of seeds everywhere and it takes a very long time.

He then climbs down the mountain- it’s very dark and very scary.  He jumps across the huge water and runs back up the hill.  The lady has to wait and he has to find her again.  They take off their shirts and put the seed in the middle of them and hug really tight.  The ladies tummy makes a little crack like an egg cause they hug so tight and the seed goes in her cut up tummy.  The man then lays her on her back and sews her back up.  The seed then grows and grows only if the mommy and daddy really love it.——

Too bad this isn’t true.  If a man had to work this hard to get a chick pregnant…we’d get rid of a lot of deadbeat dads.  And if the “lady” knows she’s gonna crack open and her man’s gotta sew her back up….she’d be a whole lot more choosy with her man!!  HAHAHAHHA!

Oh, if God were a 3 year old….

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  1. SO precious! I love your blog, Haylie!! Your willingness to be so real is refreshing! And, you crack me up. Although, I'm sure it helps that I relate with almost everything you post, myself being a mom of 3 kiddos -6, 2, & 2mo. Did you ever look futher into homeschooling? I'm starting my 2nd year of homeschooling and I love it!! Watching my daughter blossom before my eyes and being a part of her "ah-ha!" moments (as I call them) has been indescribably rewarding!! If you're wanting more info, hit me up and I'll share my experiences with you. Happy bday to your little one! Loved the pics! Our fam loves Dland. We go all the time!! Keep blogging! Love love love reading them! God bless you and your family!!!

  2. I am so glad your kiddos straightened me out about where babies come from. I had been so confused! I must admit, it is a cute story and one you will all laugh about when your children are older.

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